The Academy, being an honorary and independent association comprised of ASEAN's leading professional engineers and technologists, affiliated to the ASEAN Organization and registered as a non-profit Civil Society Organization of ASEAN Secretariat, has tasked upon itself and its fellows the commanding social obligations of dedicating their expertise and networks in the promotion, enhancement and wider application of  engineering sciences, technology and innovation for the advancement of economy, society and humanity or the realization thereof  in the ASEAN communities in particular and the World communities in general, and is founded with the following principal aims and objectives:

    1. To promote the solidarity of ASEAN's community of engineers, technologists, applied scientists and allied professionals in academia, research, government service and in the engineering and technology industry.

    2. To recognize and honour excellence in engineering and technological contributions to the ASEAN communities in particular and World communities in general.

    3. To provide strategic research and studies for the advancement of engineering sciences and technology, and advice to the ASEAN Secretariat, other ASEAN intergovernmental organizations, national governments, industries and communities on important and strategic issues concerning engineering sciences, technology and related innovations.

    4. To promote the growth and development of the engineering sciences' and technology industry, especially high technology and innovative enterprises in ASEAN.

    5. To promote greater emphasis on human resource development in the management, innovation and development of engineering sciences and technology, with special emphasis on developing manpower for green technology and green industries.

    6. To assist in nurturing a culture of innovation within ASEAN, especially amongst the young.

    7. To promote a high standard of professional ethics in engineering sciences and technology pursuits, and propagate engineering and technological awareness in society and advocate sustainability in human progress and development.

    8. To assist in achieving poverty reduction through better knowledge, command and utilization of engineering sciences, technology and innovation.

    9. To represent the ASEAN engineering and technology community in international collaborations with sister academies of engineering and technological sciences and other organizations with similar objectives.

    10. To organize engineering and technological assemblies, dialogues, publications, orotheractivities in furtherance of the objectives of the Academy.  

    11. To coordinate closely with The ASEAN Secretariat and collaborate with its corresponding units in implementing programmes and activities falling within the scope of the objectives of the Academy;

    12. To receive and / or accept donations, endowments, gifts, grants, subsidies, movable or immovable properties of value, securities listed in the stock exchange and other instruments of value and to hold the same for investment and / or deal with the same in furtherance of the objectives of the Academy;
    13. To perform any other services pertinent to the objectives and functions of the Academy.