AAET Green Award 2021 (AGA2021)

AAET Green Award 2021 (AGA2021): Introduction


Adverse impacts caused by the frequent catastrophic weather-related disasters; escalating food prices and availability threatening food security; the world population topping 9 billion by 2050 as projected by UN, have convinced the majority of scientists, political leaders and the public, that it is essential to balance economic growth and environment sustainability.

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) has impacted on the society in an unprecedented way. The exponential technologies such as Ai, big data, IoT, 5G and etc have generated abundant opportunities for technological development and business innovation in the green economy, recycling business and environmental conservation.

In view of the importance of promoting green economy and green technological innovation in the ASEAN region, the ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology (AAET) has re-branded the past AAET Green Award and relaunched it as the ASEAN Green Award 2021 (AGA2021)

The objective of the AGA2021 is to promote green technopreneurship, green products, business solutions and green campaign in the ASEAN region.

The AGA2021 will give recognition to outstanding young green technopreneurs and young contributors to Green Growth in the ASEAN region. The Award is open to INDIVIDUALS aged 40 and below in the ASEAN Member States, who are making a difference to our environment or promoting sustainable development through their contribution in one or more of the following categories:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas admission / improving air quality, 
  • Protecting land / water resources and biodiversity
  • Minimizing waste
  • Green entrepreneur / manager
  • Promoting green concept or environmental sustainability in the media
  • Community action for the environment: volunteer and member in non-profit organization


The Award is open for nomination from 1 July 2020 to 31 July 2021Nominations can be made by any citizen or organization from any ASEAN Member State. The Nominee can nominate HIMSELF/HERSELF OR someone else who deserves recognition.

The Nomination shall be done by completing the “Nomination Form for AAET Green Award 2021” and submitting to the Country Representative of the respective country:

  • Brunei, Ms Alice Lim (aliceinbruland@yahoo.com)
  • Cambodia, Dr Vong Seng (seng@itc.edu.kh )
  • Indonesia, Ir. Habibie Razak (habibie.razak@gmail.com)
  • Laos, Dr Khampaseuth Thepvongsa (kpseuth@gmail.com)
  • Malaysia, Ir Yau Chau Fong (chaufong78@yahoo.com)
  • Myanmar, Dr. Sein Myint (drusmyint@gmail.com)
  • Philippines, Dr. Lydia G. Tansinsin (gsmot13@yahoo.com)
  • Singapore, Prof. Dr. Chew Yong Tian (mpecyt@gmail.com)
  • Thailand, Asst. Prof. Wongktot Wongsapai (wongkot@eng.cmu.ac.th)
  • Vietnam, Prof. Dr Vu Tuong Thuy (tuongthuy.vu@curtin.edu.my)


The Country Winner of each ASEAN country will be determined by the Judging Panel formed and headed by the Country Representative as mentioned above. Decision of the Panel is binding and final , and no appeal will be entertained.  

The Grand Award Winner and runner-ups will be determined by a Final Judging Panel formed by engineers, technologists,  technopreneurs and economists in the related fields. The Country Winners will be invited to attend the Award Giving Ceremony tentatively fixed in Oct/Nov 2021 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , where the grand prize winners will be selected. All winners will be provided with local hospitality for the prize giving ceremony.

Please click to download the Guidelines, Rules and Regulations & Nomination Form of the AGA2021.