ASEAN Academy of Engineering & Technology 
    Guidelines for Nomination of Candidates for Fellowship 

    Fellowship of the Academy is awarded to eminent individuals from academia, research institutes, industry, and government who have demonstrated successful leadership or outstanding contributions to engineering and technology over an extended period. 
    Nomination statements may include, but of course not limited to, the following areas of achievement:
    (a) Academic Qualifications
      Academic qualifications in engineering and technology or other relevant areas accepted by the Council.
    (b) Professional qualifications & membership
      Professional qualifications and membership of relevant professional and scientific institutions or societies.
    (c) Research, innovative design & development
      Demonstrated achievement and recognition in research, development and innovation at national, regional and/or international level.
    (d) Recognised leadership in academia, research institutes, national and international professional bodies
      Academic and professional leadership in universities, research institutes, national and international academic and professional institutions and bodies.
    (e) Enhancement of the engineering and technology profession through public service.
      Contribution to the engineering and technology profession through active participation in various national and international boards, commissions and committees.
    (f) Entrepreneurship and management
      Successful creation, development and management of business and enterprises in engineering and technology.
    (g) Recognition by peers
      Recognised in the candidate’s own profession within the country, ASEAN or internationally, as a leader in a particular discipline.
    (h) Recognition by the community
      Public recognition from contributions to the community, including being given awards and honours.
    (i) Value to the academy
      Potential contributions to the activities and enhancing the image of the Academy as evidenced by past performance in professional or scientific associations.
    (j) Personal knowledge
      Candidates shall be matured, responsible and respected individuals.

    Please refer to the Chapter Three of the AAET Constitution for the categories of Fellowship, the nomination and admission procedures; and Chapter Four for the obligations/rights and privileges of the AAET members:

     Chapter 3 and 4 of the AAET Constitution
     Full version of the AAET Constitution
         Nomination Form for Fellow 
         Nomination Form for Associate Fellow
         Nomination Form for Foreign Fellow


    The Council shall have absolute discretion in whether to recommend any membership nominations to the General Assembly for approval and shall not be required to assign any reason thereto.


    AAET Members in Action

    AAET members attended the opening ceremony of the Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair 2018 (KLESF 2018): All members of the Academy shall have the obligations of assisting the Academy in promoting and realizing its objectives

    AAET Country Operation Unit

    AAET members are encouraged to set up country operation units in their respective ASEAN member states. Country Operation Units are functioning units to promote and realize the objectives of AAET.

    AAET Gathering Dinner in Yangon, Myanmar, 2018

    One of the objectives of AAET is to promote the solidarity of ASEAN’s community of engineers, technologists, applied scientists and allied professionals in academia, research, government service and in the engineering and technology industry.