Fellows' Circular

For Malaysian Fellows and Associate Fellows: Application of APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) via MSPC

AAET Secretary Secretary, Ir Choo Kok Beng is currently also the President of Malaysian Service Providers Confederation (MSPC).

MSPC is also one of the few organizations mandated by the Department of Immigration  e Malaysia to check and verify the application for the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC), issue  the support letter and submit the application to the ABTC Unit, Department of Immigration Malaysia in Putrajaya. 

Ir Choo, as President of MSPC would like to encourage AAET Malaysian members, your business associates, relatives and friends to apply the ABTC through MSPC. Great savings on the time and cost for your travelling to many countries, especially for regular travellers to China. 

If you are interested to apply, please submit the following documents to the MSPC address as appended:


Documents to be submitted:

  1. ABTC application form (download from MSPC website:http://www.mspc.my/cms/content.jsp?id=com.tms.cms.section.Section_aaed2ac2-7f000010-1410a850-ede93cd0).
  2. A copy of the passport (minimum of 3 years validity)
  3. A copy of the identity card (IC)
  4. Passport sized photograph (BLUE background)
  5. Official letter from employer to MSPC (on company letterhead, refer attachment)
  6. Application letter from the company (on company letterhead, refer attachment)
  7. Authorised letter from company to collect on behalf (on company letterhead, refer attachment)
  8. Cheque payable to MSPC (RM150.00 per application)


KINDLY submit application to:

Malaysian Service Provider Confederation

Operational Secretariat Office

E1, Empire Damansara, No. 2 Jalan PJU 8/8A, 

Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


Fee –RM150/- per application                             


Documentation and submission fees 


Service fee for follow up, collection from immigration Putrajaya 


Immigration Department fee for ABTC 

Payment mode - Only by cheque made in favour of “Malaysian Service Providers Confederation”. 

For further details, please contact the MSPC secretariat  at Tel: 03-4065 0078; Fax: 03-4065 0079

AAET Secretary-Gneral Ir Choo Kok Beng awarded the "ASEAN OUTSTANDING  ENGINEERING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for the Year 2010"


AAET Secretary-General Ir Choo Kok Beng was on 2nd December 2010 at the 28th Conference of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations awarded the ASEAN OUTSTANDING ENGINEERING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for the Year 2010"


Ir Choo have been the prime mover of the mobility of Engineering Services since 1998 when he founded the ASEAN Engineers Register (AER) in 1998. he has in the past served the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations as its Secretary-General and Head Commissioner of the AER. He was recently in 2010, reappointed the AER Head Commissioner to revitalize the mobility of Engineers and Engineering Technologists within ASEAN.


AAET is confident that as its present Secretary-General he will do the same for our academy and we wish him the best of success in his future endeavour.

AAET Secretary-General Ir Choo Kok Beng  

AAET Fellow Dr Sutja Designing the World Tallest Buddha Statue


AAET Thai Fellow Dr Sutja Boonyahut, together with Dr. Tanut, Dr. Napat, and Dr. Yos are designing the world tallest Buddha statue. The statue will be 250 meters tall and built at Chaiyapoom, Thailand. The Owner of the project is Pra Yai Chaiyapoom Foundation.

AAET Fellow Dr Sutja Boonyahut

The statue is expected to last 5,000 years and can withstand earthquake like El Centro Earthquake. The main structure is steel rigid fra me with composite metal deck floor diaphragm. The skin of the statue will be Silicon Bronze.The statue will become the Buddhism Center of the World. The whole complex will include a museum, a meditation center, a Buddhism university and a park, covering an area of 200 acres.


Dr Sutja welcomes contributions of ideas from any interested party.


Proposed world tallest Buddha statue in Chaiyapoom, Thailand

Great Achievement for AAET Fellow in IT Solution Industry


The Malaysia’s newspaper The Sun reported on 24th August 2010 that Silverlake Axis, a regional global IT solution provider whose Executive chairman is AAET Fellow Goh Peng Ooi, will supply the core banking system for Malaysia’s second largest banking group, CIMB Group.


Silverlake Axis, together with two other global IT solution providers, IDS Scheeer, IBM  and IT consultant Accenture Solutions were appointed to jointly implement 1Platform, a regional core banking platform worth RM1.1 billion for the CIMB Group. 1Platform is also the largest component of CIMB Group’s regional operation transformation blueprint budgeted at RM2.1 billion. (click here to read the original report in The Sun)


AAET Fellow and Executive Chairman of Silverlake Axis

 Prof Yong Hoi Sen received the "2010 Merdeka Award"


Professor Emeritus Dr Yong Hoi Sen, the country representative of Malaysia for the AAET ESTI Quiz Competition, is among the 4 recipients of 2010 Malaysia’s Merdeka Awards (Independence Awards)  The Award is an honour for Prof Yong’s  outstanding contribution towards the development of basic and applied knowledged of Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biological Systematics, Evolutionary Biology and Biological Diversity of Malaysian flora and fauna. Among his outstanding achievements include the discovery of female mammals with XO sex chromosome, new species and new records of living organisms, besides confirming the existence of many other species in Malaysia.


A noteworthy new species, the Trypanosoma raksasa- the largest trypanosome parasite of frogs and toads in the world – was discovered by him in the Universiti Malaya campus.


For his achievement, Yong, who is currently attached to Insitute of Biological Sciences, Universiti Malaya, has had various species named after him, including Topomyia yongi, Cladomyrma yongi and Kalophrynus yongi.


(Sources: Bernama)