Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

The AAET MOOC is one of the courses provided under the 5 parties MOU signed between UTAR, AAET, AETDEW (Academy of Engineering and Technology for the Development World), MSPC (Malaysian Service Providers Confederation) and CNAP (CourseNetworking Asia Pacific, Malaysia). Under the MOU, the webinars and courses jointly organized with UTAR will be uploaded to the UTAR  Inspire@learning platform which is powered by Course Networking.

Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry in Malaysia

Delivered by Ir. Ts. Wong Chee Fui, AAET Associate Fellow

This course highlight the Malaysia government policy and incentives for the digital transformation in the Construction Industry. The emerging technologies in Malaysia construction industry is also discussed. The course also provide an insight and recommendation for the digital transformati on of the construction industry in adopting Industry 4.0.

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Basic Mobile Communication

Delivered by Mr Lee Kong-Jin, AAET Associate Fellow

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • understand the relationship among frequency, frequency range and mobile communication technologies, and
  • understand the mobile communication building blocks - frequency, frequency range or band and mobile communication technologies。
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Introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Delivered by Ir. Ts. Wong Chee Fui, AAET Associate Fellow

This course will explain the concept and development of BIM; the benefits of BIM implementation in Malaysia as well as the current initiatives to promote the adoption and implementation of BIM in Malaysia.

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Building Condition Assessment

Delivered by Ir. Ts. Wong Chee Fui, AAET Associate Fellow

This course will provide an insight on the framework of the statutory regulation in Malaysia with regards to the building safety. This course will focus on the statutory regulations for building structural safety and integrity in particular to Uniform 

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