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The ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology (AAET) serves as a distinguished gathering ground for eminent policymakers, engineers, and industrialists hailing from academia, the public sector, and the private industry across ASEAN countries. The fellowship at AAET comprises individuals who are recognized for their exceptional contributions in engineering and technology, with the current membership standing at an impressive 434 members, representing the collective expertise from all ten ASEAN countries.

Established as a Society in Singapore, AAET holds the distinction of being registered with the ASEAN Secretariat as an ASEAN Civil Society Organisation (CSO). This dual registration underscores AAET's commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing across regional and international boundaries.

AAET and its esteemed Fellows shoulder significant social responsibilities, dedicating their expertise and extensive networks to advance the promotion, enhancement, and broader application of engineering sciences, technology, and innovation. This commitment is geared towards catalyzing economic progress, societal development, and overall human advancement. AAET's focus extends beyond the ASEAN communities, aiming to contribute to the betterment of global communities as a whole, reflecting a dedication to the broader well-being of humanity.

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