Short Stories
KLESF, 2019


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Welcome to AAET



The ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology (AAET) gathers under its fellowship, eminent policy makers, engineers and industrialists from academia, the public and the private sector from ASEAN countries. AAET has now a membership of 227 Fellows who are all eminent engineers and technologists from all ten ASEAN Countries with His Excellency Fidel Ramos, former President of the Philippines, as the first AAET Honorary Fellow and Her Excellency Dr. Esterella Alabastro, the Secretary for Science and Technology, Philippines as a Founding Fellow.

AAET was registered as a Society in Singapore and with the ASEAN Secretariat as an Asean Civil Society Organisation (CSO). The mission of AAET is to be the top science, engineering and technology (S.E.T) think-tank for ASEAN Secretariat.