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KLESF, 2019

Economics of Technology Research Committee AAET (ETRCA)

Headed by Dr. Danaraj, Malaysia

During AAET’s courtesy call on ASEAN Secretariat on 5th March 2010, Deputy Secretary General S. Pushpanathan had invited AAET to sit in their newly formed ASEAN Economic Research Committee (AERC), in order to contribute ideas on the strategies and policies for promoting technological development in ASEAN region. In respond to S. Pushpanathan's kind invitation, AAET has set up an Economics of Technology Research Committee AAET (ETRCA). The main objectives of ETRCA are:

-    to gather data, statistics and inputs from academicians, industrialist, policy makers on Economics of Technology in ASEAN  member countries.
- to carry out research and formulate strategies and policies on economics of technology, as inputs to ASEAN Secretariat through our representatives in ASEAN Economic Research Committee (AERC)
- to assist ASEAN Secretariat in promoting one ASEAN Economic Community through integrating the development of Economics of Technology amongst the ASEAN member countries.
- to  assist our Fellows in giving advices on strategic and policy matters relating to their national development of Economics of Technology.


AAET had also appointed a prominent economist, Dr Danaraj as Economic Advisor and head the ETRCA. Dr Danaraj’s specialization is in the fields of economic development and technology strategy. He has over 30 years international experience in academic, government and business, and rigorous academic training in economics and technology business.