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KLESF, 2019

AAET Delegation to Chinese Academy of Engineering, 24th May 2010

AAET President Datuk Hong Lee Pee led a team of 20 delegates to visit Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) in Beijing on 24th May 2010. The purpose of this visit was to strengthen the collaborative relationship between the two Academies in terms of promoting engineering science, technology and innovation among ASEAN +1 region. The AAET delegation comprised of AAET Council Members, Fellows and invited industrialists or inventors as shown in the following namelist:


No.  Name Postiion/Organization  Nationality  
1. Datuk Hong Lee Pee AAET President Malaysia
2. Dato’s Lee Yee Cheong AAET Immediate Past President Malaysia
3. Dr Sein Myint AAET Vice President Myanmar
4. General Francisco S. Bravo AAET Vice President Philippines
5. Engr. Choo Kok Beng AAET Secretary General Malaysia
6. Prof Poo Aun Neow AAET Honorary Treasurer Singapore
7. Dr Lock Kai Sang AAET Council Member Singapore
8. Dr Lydia Tansinsin AAET Council Member Philippines
9. Engr. Romulo R. Agatep AAET Council Member Philippines
10. Prof Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik AAET Fellow, President of University of TAR Malaysia
11. Dr Oh Ei Sun AAE Fellow, Political Secretary to Prime Minister of Malaysia Malaysia
12. Prof Nguyen Truong Tien AAET Fellow Vietnam
13. Bong Boon Fah AAET Legal Adviser Malaysia
14. Tan Kai Hee Managing Director of Hai-O Group Malaysia
15. Engr Li Ju Qiang Technological Expert of Hai-O Group Malaysia
16. Mr Low Chee Hoong Director of Spescan Malaysia
17. Mr Albert Ng Senior Engineer of Spescan Malaysia
18. Tin Win Maung PA to Dr Sein Myint Myanmar
19. Mr Fok Kuk Fai AAET Executive Secretary Malaysia


Group photo of AAET delegates at the main lobby of CAE Building. Fifth from the right is
AAET President Ir Hong Lee Pee, Fourth from the left is AAET Immediate Past President Ir Lee Yee Cheong


AAET delegates and CAE representatives deliberated
on the future co-operations between the two Academies


The AAET delegation was warmly received by the CAE Vice President, Prof Du Xiangwan and other CAE senior officers. The two Academies discussed about the future co-operations in an amicable atmosphere. Both parties agreed on promoting their collaborative relationship by jointly organizing projects or initiatives which are effective, concrete and result-oriented. Among the agreed joint projects or initiatives are: an Engineering and Technology Symposium held in either Yunnan or Kwangsi Province in 2011, and the exchange of Engineering, Technology and Innovation expertise between China and ASEAN companies or Industries. CAE and AAET will also mutually support and participate in each other’s projects or activities in the future. CAE has also accepted AAET's invitation as supporting organization for  the 2010 International Energy Conference (2010 IEC) to be held on 30th October 2010 in Kuala Lumpur.

Both CAE and AAET also agreed that the mutual understanding derived from further co-operation will become the solid foundation for formalizing their collaborative relationship in the future.


AAET delegates in the discussion with CAE. From right: AAET Immediate Past President Ir Lee Yee Cheong,
President Ir Hong Lee Pee, Vice President Dr Sein Myint, Fellow Dr Oh Ei Sun and Council Member Dr Lock Kai Sang


From left: CAE Vice President Prof. Du Xiangwan, translator Ms Ai Hong,
Deputy Director-General Bureau of International Cooperation Mr Cheng Jiayi


The AAET delegation was also invited to a luncheon hosted by Prof. Pan Yunhe, the Executive Vice-President of CAE. Prof. Pan is the former President of Zhejiang University and also a promient scientist in computer application.

From left: AAET Vice President Dr Sein Myint, CAE Vice President Prof Du Xiangwan,
AAET Council Member Dr Lydia Tansinsin and AAET Treasurer Dr Poo Aun Neow before the lunch hosted by CAE


AAET delegation (left) and CAE representatives (Right) during the lunch hosted by CAE